Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Weekend 2015

Valentine's 2015 will go down in the books as one of the BEST!!!!!!  Before Christmas, I heard Jason Aldean was coming to Greensboro so I immediately started looking at tickets.  I was able to give Joe these tickets for Christmas and told him they were for Valentine's Day because I couldn't hold onto them any longer.  We were able to spend our friday night swith Tyler Farr, Cole Swindell, and Jason Aldean.  The concert was AMAZING!!!  Jason Aldean really puts on a great concert!  

Joe had mentioned last weekend he wanted to go away for Valentine's weekend; however, I had no clue where we might be going.  Earlier this week he kept saying the weather may not cooperate and we might not be able to go so I knew we must be heading to the mountains somewhere.  Valentine's Day didn't go as planned because Joe was unable to go home and check on his dogs before our concert Friday night, so instead of leaving straight from my house, we had to go to Joe's house first.  I was finally able to see the home renovation progress and I was so excited to see all the improvements.  Be on the lookout for an upcoming home renovation project blog post.   After we left Joe's house, we ran over to his parents real quick before heading west. 

I am a huge planner by nature and Joe is the complete opposite.  He loves spur of the moment and procrastination.  While at his parent's house, Joe was asked if we had a place to stay in the mountains and he said "No."  I start to panic inside and not to mention his mom telling us a bed bug story, so all the way to the mountains I was telling Joe I refuse to stay in a sketch or bed bug invested place.  He could tell I was getting ancy because 1) I had no clue where we were going and 2) It's Valentine's, so in my mind everything was going to be booked.  After we got through Asheville, he started turning on his GPS and I heard the woman say, Plott Creek is 10 miles away.  As soon as I heard Plott Creek, I knew we were going to Waynesville.  The GPS took us directly to the Plott Creek marker and Joe was so disappointed because it wasn't what he had expected.  I explained to him the creek ran through all of Waynesville.  After his disappointment, we stopped by one bed and breakfast and they were booked, so we drove up to a Best Western and they were booked as well.  I found a house online and told Joe I was going to call them.  They had 1 room available.  When Joe saw where the house was located, on Plott Creek Road, he was sold.

I've never stayed at a bed and breakfast before but I've heard so many wonderful things about them.  As soon as I walked in, I fell in love with the place.  The southern hospitality, the southern charm and character, the views, and the simplicity and quaintenance of this house was exactly what we were hoping and looking for.  I highly recommend The Yellow House in Waynesville, NC if you are looking for a bed and breakfast  We were welcomed with wine, cheese and fruit and were able to meet so many other couples who were staying at the house.  Since we had no plans in place at all, we started looking through menus of restuarants in Waynesville.  We ended up at Maggie Galley's and had an amazing dinner.  I had the Atlantic Flounder and Joe had the Mountain Rainbow Trout.  Our plan was to head over to Harrah's and check out the casino; however, the weather was starting to get rough with snow and sleet and we didn't want to be stuck in Cherokee so we decided to forego that adventure.  After dinner we enjoyed a relaxing evening by the gas logs.  Breakfast was amazing the next morning with Quiche, Hashbrowns, Fruit, and Whipped Cream.  YUM!!!!!!  I'm looking forward to staying there again. 

For those who don't know Joe's last name is Plott.  Waynesville is home of Von Plott, who has made the Plott hound what it is today.  Joe has raised and hunts with Plott dogs, so he's a huge Von Plott fan.  It wasn't until I started dating Joe that I learned the Plott hound was North Carolina's State Dog.  A few miles down the road from the house we stayed at was where Von Plott grew up and Plott Creek.  Joe was floating on cloud nine.  I've never seen him so happy.  He was so excited to see where Von Plott lived, where he raised the dogs and be able to take his picture by the Plott Hound marker in front of the elementary school.  Joe thought he was in the Holy City lol.  So needless to say, our trip was a success.

I can't wait for many more Valentine's with my favorite Plott that include spur of the moment and unplanned trips because I've learned they turn out to be the most AMAZING adventures.