Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Weekender: July 2-5

I had been looking forward to the 4th of July weekend back since like April.  I love watching fireworks, hanging out with friends, and eating a lot of junk food since I took the weekend off my diet! There is no doubt this has been the best 4th of July hands down, I've had in a long time. Check out all our exciting adventures.

I left work around 2 pm on Thursday to finish up some house cleaning before Buddy and I hit the road to Joe's house.  Joe and I had been talking all week about fixing dinner in and riding over to the Southeast Old Thresher's Reunion.  Our dinner menu item was spaghetti.  Needless to say, it wasn't good.  Joe bought some 69 cent noodles and they almost looked like dough after cooking.  I wasn't going to let dinner ruin our evening plans, much more things to stress about than bad noodles.  We laughed it off, told Joe now I'm not the only one with a cooking fail and headed to Denton. 

The Southeast Old Thresher's Reunion is held at the Denton Farm Park each year.  It is the largest steam, gas and antique farm machinery show in the Southeastern US!  Joe and I walked around for about an hour looking at the antique tractors, and equipment, listened to some bluegrass music, and ended our evening watching the Tractor Pull.  To check out more information about Denton Farm Park here is the link Denton Farm Park.  In November and December they have the Country Christmas Train.  Joe and I looking forward to attending this event and starting new traditions Country Christmas Train.

I woke up early and left for Indian Trail to meet a potential hair and makeup stylist for the wedding.  I loved her work and she comes on-site to our wedding.  Can't wait to work with The Beauty Fairy.  After my meeting, I wasn't quite sure where I was so put in my GPS Charlotte with no specific address.  I ended up on Independence Blvd and I was so excited when I saw a sign for Old Time Pottery. I really really miss the one in Greensboro.  I hate they closed.  At least I know I'm not to far from one when I get married, YAY!!!!  I found some cute things for Joe's house including candlestick holders for the mantle, candles, decorative sign for the bathroom, and boxes for a cute gift for my bridal party.  After leaving Old Time Pottery, I saw another Value City Furniture store.  Joe and I had visited another one a few weeks back looking for a new couch; however, they did not have this particular couch. I need to take a few more measurements but I'm thinking it might work.  Let me know your thoughts. I'm thinking yellow, red, blue, and green accent pieces would look great!  I love bright colors, makes a space look so lively!

I met Joe and his work colleague Jake at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and then we headed home.  On our way home, it started raining like cats and dogs so I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go in the rain and watch fireworks.  Joe talked me into it and we ended up having a great time.  We drove down to Harrisburg, NC and watched The Catalina's and Darryl Harwood perform.  Never rained one drop while we were outside.  To beat out traffic, we ended up watching fireworks from the truck.


Joe and I slept in, met the electrician, and headed to Lake Norman.  We were celebrating the 4th with Catherine, Sara, Courtney, and Mike on the lake along with their family and friends.  When we arrived, it started raining but the weather cleared at the perfect time and it ended up being an amazing day on the lake.  We grilled out and enjoyed hamburgers and hotdogs before the evening fireworks began.  I loved watching the fireworks sitting on the dock, what a neat experience.  They were going off all around us so the show was unbelievable. 


Not to long ago, Joe and I went to the Great Outdoors Company in Greensboro and Joe purchased a map of the Uwharrie National Forest.  He had been talking about us going hiking so we ventured out to the Uwharrie National Forest for our hiking adventure.  Let me just say, the hiking wasn't what Joe expected at all.  The trails were barely marked and we almost got lost.  We finally found a hiking trail marked down near Badin Lake so we took off on it even though it was less than a mile trail.  Even though Joe wasn't pleased with our adventure haha, we still had fun spending time with one another. After we finished hiking, we hit the trail home, enjoyed Zaxby's for dinner and back home we went.

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Weekender: June 19-21

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Friday after a meeting and leaving a few minutes early from work, I headed home to pick up Buddy and to pack.  We were off to Joe's for the weekend.  Buddy and I were so excited to spend the weekend with Joe. Joe wanted to grill out and cook me dinner, and boy did he do a good job.  We had sirloin steak, salad, baked potatoes, and texas toast bread, YUMMY!!!!

After dinner and cleaning up, Joe asked me "What I wanted to do?"  I said, let's just drive to Albemarle and see where the road takes us.  The road took us to this old timey putt-putt course in Albemarle called "Good-O/Putt-O."  Joe and I decided to play a round of putt-putt even though the course was very soggy from all the rain.  We still had fun.

He beat me by 6 strokes
Saturday morning I woke up and met our electrician who is re-doing some electrical work at Joe's.  We are installing new lights, new fans, new outlets, and new switch plates.  I am in love with this LED Light that I bought at Lowes and I'm getting ready to switch the over the sink light with the Project Source round light. I'm loving all our renovations.

After I met with the electrician, I met mom to head to Charlotte to start the bridesmaid dress hunt.  We went to New York Bride and Groom in Charlotte and I said YES TO THE DRESS!!!!  I couldn't be more excited about my dress and I can't wait to walk down the aisle in it.  I dropped mom back off to meet up with her boyfriend Greg and headed back to Joes.  Tonight was date night, and guess where date night normally is, you guessed it, BOWMAN GRAY STADIUM!  We left the house around 5:45 to meet my friend Amy at the Dairo-o for hot-dogs and ice cream before the race.  Joe is like a kid at Christmas when we get to Bowman Gray.  We have loved turning this into our Saturday night date routine.

Sunday morning we woke up and surprised Joe's dad at church for Father's Day.  We enjoyed church with him and then headed to lunch with his parents at Buddy's in Mount Pleasant.  After lunch, Joe and I went furniture shopping.  We have been on the hunt for either a red or gray sofa.  Our hunt started off at Value City Furniture followed by Rooms to Go and La-z-y boy.  We still haven't found what we are looking for but I'm not giving up. Once we finished up furniture shopping we headed to Joe's parents to grab Buddy and hangout with them on the deck before it got to hot.  Since we had so much success grilling Friday night, Joe put some burgers on the grill Sunday evening and we enjoyed burgers for dinner.