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Focus T25 is COMPLETE

Focus T25 is COMPLETE
I am so excited to finally share with everyone my Focus T25 journey.  I can't believe I've already completed all 10 weeks of the Alpha and Beta cycle.  My first thought when I placed this order and received my Focus T25 box was:
1. Would I be able to complete this program?
2. Would working out just 30 minutes a day give me results?
Well, to answer both these questions, let's take a look back over the past 10 weeks. 
Here were my beginning measurements on the Sunday before I started the program and my measurements at the end of 10 weeks:
Measurements 1/11/2015
Weight= 138

Measurements 3/14/2015
Weight= 135.2
Waist= 28.5
Hips= 34
Chest= 30.5
Thighs= 20

Total weight loss= 5.4 lbs
Total inches loss= 15.5 inches

The first 5 weeks of T25 is known as the Alpha Cycle, which serves as the foundation for the T25 exercises.  The focus of Alpha is cardio, lower body, total body, abs, and speed.  The focus of Beta is cardio, upper body, core, ripping the total body, and speed.  Alpha involved no weights except your own body weight, and Beta incorporated weights and your body weight, which I really liked.  A calendar was provided for both Alpha and Beta which told you which workout you needed to complete on which day.  The calendar helps tremendously with accountability.  Fridays in both Alpha and Beta are known as Double Day, meaning to give you the weekends to rest/recover/stretch, you have two workouts on Friday.  I'll be the first to admit that not every Friday did I complete two workouts in one day, I would carry one over to Saturday or even Sunday sometimes; however, about 80% of time, I followed through with Double Day!!! 

So let's take a quick look at some of the exercises I was completing for each DVD.

Alpha Cycle:
Cardio- Shaun T really focuses on getting that heart rate a lot.  I found myself jumping around a lot for the different exercises. Mountain climbers were introduced and let the beginning of squat work start.
Speed 1.0- Here we go with the introduction of burpees...I found myself having a love/hate relationship with these.  Also, Shaun T introduces the planks.  I really loved Speed 1.0. 
Total Body Circuit- Total Body Circuit included working the whole body, from pushups, planks, burpees, abs, upper body, and lower body. 
Ab Intervals- Oh my, my abs were killing me after this workout.  This workout works every inch of your abs from lower to upper abs.  I loved the rocket man and superman poses.  A lot of plank work.  I didn't sweat as much during this workout as I did the others.
Lower Focus- This workout focused a lot on the lower body, which I really enjoyed.  The lunges were killer though especially when he added in pulses.  Also, a lot of squats during this workout so my legs were BURNING!!!! 

The first week of Alpha, I would watch all the DVD's the day before so I could prep myself for what workouts to expect the next day.  Also, the first week, I was following a lot of modifications because I wanted to make sure I was getting the form correct. My favorite DVD's during Alpha were Speed 1.0 and Lower Focus.  I never did the stretch videos because the weekends get so busy.  After I got through the initial first week, I can say with great pride and confidence that "I NAILED IT." 

Below is a list of the Beta workouts:

Core Cardio- Shaun T up's the intensity from Cardio in Alpha phase. More jumping moves, and planks. The full body run at the end is intense especially after the last 22 minutes of cardio.  I struggled with the "T" Twist and "X" lunge.  My shoes kept sliding on the floor :(
Speed 2.0- Shaun jumps right into cardio with Speed 2.0 where he slowly introduced Speed 1.0 in Alpha. I like how Shaun breaks the workouts into rounds. I am never coordinated with the Jack Uppercut so I modify and following Tania. I love the fast-paced movements and it keeps my body moving constantly.
Rip't Circuit- Yay, I finally get to use weights.  Those "V" holds are KILLER.  My legs shake so bad and I have to bend my legs sometimes. If your arms, legs, and back aren't burning after all the weights, Shaun brings it close to an end with weighted moving squats, 4 count push ups, and 5 count power abs.  I sweat so much during this workout.  I really consider this workout to be all over and no doubt I burn a lot of calories.
Dynamic Core- A lot of core work with planks, rocketmans, supermans, pike up and squats.  I still struggle with pike ups..maybe one day I'll be flexible to get all the way up.
Upper Focus-  This workout focuses a lot on the upper body.  I was shocked when I saw Shaun T come out in pants.  I thought, oh this workout won't be that bad.  WRONG.  My arms were burning after.  Again, with this workout, you get to use weights. There is some core workout with the planks.

After 5 weeks of Alpha, I was starting to get a bit bored with the DVD's.  I was ready for more intensity and a challenge.  I'll be the first to say, Beta was a challenge.  Shaun T incorporates more of those complex moves and builds up a lot of moves/exercises from Alpha. I really enjoyed finally being able to use some weights and build up muscle for the tone and lean look I was striving for.  Beta is by far my favorite. My favorite DVD's in Beta were Speed 2.0 and Upper Focus.  I can confidently say "I NAILED IT."

So, back to my beginning questions I asked myself when I received my box.  I was able to complete the whole 10 week program of Focus T25 Alpha and Beta cycle and "I NAILED IT."  I had a lot of support from my Beachbody Coach who would check in on me and make sure I was working out and eating healthy.  She really provided me the accountability I needed to successfully complete this program.  Who knew 30 minutes a day for 10 weeks, I would lose 5.4lbs and 15.5 inches.  I'm beyond thrilled and excited.  I feel AMAZING, my energy level is HIGH, my strength and endurance has INCREASED, and my flexibility is GETTING BETTER!!!!!  I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to exercise more all within 25 minutes a day.  Anyone can fit 25 minutes a day of exercise into your routine.  The benefits and results are TOTALLY WORTH IT.  I have gained so much muscle, reduced my body fat, finally can fit back into my size 4/6 jeans, and just feel better overall. 

Along with FocusT25, I followed a pretty strict diet.  During Alpha, I was consuming around 1,600-1,700 calories a day based on IIYFM recommendations.  After I started Beta, I cut calorie consumption down to 1,200-1,4000 a day.  While doing T25, I decided to purchase the 21 Day Fix Extreme program which just launched that utilizes a container system.  I was able to start the container system along with Beta.  Each day, I would approximately eat 4 servings of protein, 3 servings of vegetables, 2 servings of fruit, 1 serving of healthy fats, and 1 serving of seeds.  I'm glad I went ahead and started this eating regimen so I can be ready for 21 Day Fix Extreme which I will be starting on March 16, 2015.  I don't ever feel hungry and I feel like for once, I'm fueling my body with what it needs.  During this whole process, I haven't ate a single processed meal and I've only had about 3 glasses of wine total.  I drink roughly 84 ounces of water a day, so I do find myself going to the restroom a lot.  I've really watched my sodium content and kept it under 2,300 mg a day.  I am beginning to learn the importance of meal prepping and buying vegetables and meats in bulk at SAMS Club.  Every Sunday, I prep my meals for the week and place them in containers based on what is recommended of that food to eat.  I've also paired all my healthy eating with substituting half a scoop of Shakeology for a snack.  I'm not sure if I will continue with Shakeology; however, I will continue with some type of protein shake for a snack or immediately after my workouts. 

I'm so excited to share my next fitness journey with you all.  I will be doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme starting on March 16, 2015 and will finish on April 5, 2015.  My goal is to continue with the clean eating yet follow a bit more of a strict diet eliminating more carbs.  I can't wait to start the workouts and continue to have the support from my Beachbody coach as she will be on the this journey with me. 

Thanks everyone so much for your support throughout this journey, and a huge thanks goes to Joe for supporting and encouraging me every step.  I know he got frustrated when I wouldn't eat out with him all the time.  I'm excited to share he's getting ready to start his fitness journey with Insanity Max 30.  Can't wait to see his results.

Love you all and stay tuned!





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