Monday, March 30, 2015

Quality Time is my #1 Love Language

I got off work a little early on Friday to head down to Joe's.  I was able to pick up Buddy, and pack and be on the road by 5:30 pm which is record time for me.  I always like to get on 85 before all the traffic and especially Hwy 109, I despise that road by the way.  I hooked Joe on the Arnold Sandwich thins awhile back and he wanted a turkey sandwich.  Joe had stopped by Harris Teeter and picked up Boars Head turkey meat (Oven Roasted Low Sodium for myself, and Cajun Turkey for himself).  I will only eat Boars Head turkey.  He also picked up some honey wheat sandwich thins, cheese, and chips.  So, Friday night was fix your own sandwich night.  After we ate, we headed into Albemarle to the Wal-Mart.  I had some bar stools on order for Joe's kitchen that needed to be picked up.  We stopped by Sweet Frog and got a small sample of desert, I was good and kept it within my calories.  After we got the barstools we headed back home.  Our plan was to rent a Redbox but nothing good was showing, so we decided to flip through channels and ended up watching "Pitch Perfect."  Well, I watched the movie, Joe fell asleep. 

Saturday morning Joe left for work and Buddy and I fell back to sleep until almost 10 am.  I haven't slept that long on a Saturday morning in awhile.  The sleep was definitely needed.  I'm so thankful I don't have a dog that barks at me for me to wake up.  Buddy is very lazy right there with me.  After we woke up and had our breakfast, I started getting ready.  First, let me just tell you all how much I love the new bathroom now.  The shower was lovely and getting ready with the extra vanity space put the icing on the cake.  I love that we have outlets so I don't have to go to Joe's bedroom and use a surge protector to dry and fix my hair.  I was texting Joe the whole time as I was getting ready telling him how much I love the new improvements.  After I got ready, I decided to head to downtown Albemarle.  Joe's mom introduced me to this cute boutique called La-Ta-Dah and I'm in love.  I decided to head over there and check out what new items they may have in for spring.  I was able to score a new flag with the initial "P" on it for Joe's house for $5, a block saying for the bathroom for $10, and a diaper case holder for my friend Sara and baby CC who should be arriving very soon for $5.  I couldn't pass up on the deals.  I'm trying so hard to hold off on buying monogrammed things for myself since my last name may be changing within the next year or so :)

After I left La-Ta-Dah, Joe called and was getting off work.  I met him back at the house to have sandwich's again for lunch and then I headed off to be treated for a manicure and pedicure.  Joe knew how hard we worked on the house while he was gone, he wanted to treat me.  There is a cute nail salon up in Richfield I always enjoy going to and the ladies are so nice.  I'm starting to learn my way around now!!!!  I had been telling Joe for the longest time I needed some new kicks to be able to do some of these workouts.  My Sketchers were just not getting it anymore.  So, we decided to head over to Concord Mills so I could check out the Nike and Reebok outlet.  On our way, we were back and forth in the car about where we wanted to eat.  We finally decided on Carolina Ale House.  Joe and I had wings with celery and carrot sticks (mine were grilled).  I had completely forgot Concord Mills closed at 9 so we were pushing it on time.  I was only able to walk into Nike and I found the perfect shoes.  They were originally $89 dollars, on clearance for $32 and then another 20% off.  I got the shoes for like $24.  I was happy and I can't wait to use them starting Monday!  By the time we got home, we watched some tv and crashed early.

Sunday morning, we headed off to Bojangles for breakfast.  No, I didn't eat good; however we all have slip up days.  Enjoyed the Palm Sunday service at his parents church and headed off to Home Depot to purchase some new white fans for the house.  Again, we had sandwich's for lunch.  I think I'm sandwiched out for awhile.  After we ate, we took Buddy over to Joe's parents house to run around in the yard.  He ran and ran and he loved when we would chase after him.  He loves getting all that energy out.  Unfortunately, I had to leave Joe's earlier than normal since I had a surprise 83rd birthday for my Grandpa.  The whole family met at Sagebrush in Reidsville to celebrate my PaPaw's birthday.  Great family time together!!!  After dinner, I stopped by the grocery store, got items to meal prep with.  Came home, meal prepped, and passed out early.

Quality time is my #1 Love Language and this past weekend fulfilled the need of spending time with all those who I love!